Renga Product Updates

Attention! The current Renga version is Renga 6.1.50957
The update is only possible from version 6.0.

Download Renga update to version 6.1.


Release notes


  • The ability to automatically place crosses on the routes of pipe and duct systems.
  • The ability to create a new style of pipe, duct and electrical equipment in a category when editing an object.
  • SD#7365970 – API. The ability to control the visibility of the elements of the extension user interface.
  • API. Creating an Operation with Undo.
  • API. The ability to undo the operation.
  • SD#7376123, SD#7378760 – For projects with a large number of assemblies, the speed of the schedule calculation is significantly increased.
  • SD#7376984, SD#7377074, SD#7377750, SD#7376794, SD#7376094 – Garbled text in PDF file when GOST A, GOST B, ISO CA, and ISO CB fonts are used in text.
  • SD#7375958 – Incorrect navigation in the "Camera Mode" via VDI.
  • SD#7380615 – The crash when trying to paste a T-shaped system route into a different project.
  • SD#7366709 – The crash when opening a project in some cases.
  • SD#7381910 – "Unknown error" in some cases when opening a project.
  • SD#7378987 – Performance loss in some cases when creating dimensions on an object in a drawing.